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Almost all the Simple.Home.Blessings. products included in the Celebrate It! Grab Bag are our Gathering Placemats.  In that bundle of goodness, you got 

– Gathering: Nativity (an exclusive collection)

-Gathering: Summertime

-Gathering: Americana

A Special Grab Bag Offer for You!

Our Gathering Placemats are the effortless way to introduce & enliven your morning time tradition in your homeschool. 

I have a super special offer for you as a thank you for grabbing the Celebrate It! Grab Bag. This is an exclusive offer- just for you – and will not be offered again! 

Get the Gathering Introductory Bundle!

get SEVEN GATHERING sets to start your morning time tradition


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Need More Details?

Apples Collection

The Gathering: Apples collection features artwork from Camille Pissaro  & celebrates the fruit of the season. 

Microscopic Things Collection

The Gathering: Microscopic Things collection features artwork from Georges Seurat & celebrates the scientific discovery & all things tiny. 

Brooks & Streams Collection

The Gathering: Brooks & Streams collection features artwork from Willard Metcalf & celebrates noticing the changes seasons produce. 

Birds Collection

The Gathering: Birds collection features artwork from John James Audubon & celebrates the beauty of winged creatures. 

Oceans & Seas Collection

The Gathering: Oceans & Seas collection features artwork from various artists & celebrates the vast waters of our world through poetry. 

How do you use Gathering Placemats in your home?

The Gathering Placemats are SUPER simple to use.  Just follow these three steps:

1. Buy the entire year of Gathering Placemats. 

2. Print & laminate for durability.

3. Share the Gathering tradition with your family. 

What is Included in the Gathering Introductory Bundle?

Each set of Gathering Placemats includes 4 placemats with:

      • 4-5 beautiful pieces of art
      • a hymn
      • a Bible verse
      • memory work
      • poetry
      • nursery rhymes
      • and MORE!!

The front of each placemat in the set is the same, featuring the hymn, a poem, & a Bible verse.  Each back is different with various boxes of interest for kids (& adults). 

Get 28 Gathering Placemats when you purchase the CIGB Introductory Gathering  Bundle! 

I started creating Gathering Placemats for my kids after trying and failing to implement the morning time I had dreamed of.  Instead of bringing truth, goodness, & beauty to my kids each morning, we were getting the opposite – whining, crying, and ugliness.  I just couldn’t figure out how this morning time thing would work…for us!

I knew there had to be a simple solution to my problem.  I leaned in and started to pay attention to my kids.  One day I realized the cereal box could hold their attention easily.  Not exactly truth, goodness, and beauty…but at least I could see what they what held their attentions. 

After examining the cereal box, I realized I could make something for our morning time – something bright and colorful, something with actual beauty .  Instead of cartoon drawings and inane information, I could include beautiful art, life-giving truth, & all sorts of good things!  I could finally capture my kids’ attention and connect!

Maybe this would work…

Gathering Placemats Feature:

What inspires the Gathering Placemats?

Our homeschool is what I would describe as firmly Classical with Charlotte Mason leanings.  

What does that mean for the Gathering Placemats?  Well, it means you will find all sorts of delightful things to grab my children’s attention and give them a heathy serving of goodness, truth, and beauty at the start of their days. 

We are a Classical Conversations family.  That means you will find memory work which looks familiar.  I try to draw together across educational strands when I can.  I like to add some history to our art study.  Or some language learning to our math.  I try to make each box on the placemats an opportunity for conversation with my kids. 

We draw from the riches schedule from Ambleside Online for art, hymns, and other music.  So, if you are following along with any of the AO years, you will find the Gathering Placemats work on the AO schedule.  The riches are what make the AO curriculum sing and they are what make the Gathering Placemats POP!  Those gorgeous full-color prints of famous works of art are swoon-worthy indeed.  

We tend to be a rather silly and rather chatty family.  We are constantly playing word games with one another and making up silly jokes.  My oldest kids excitedly come up to me at least twice a week and say, “Mama, I’ve got another homophone!” Thus, the Gathering Placemats have lots of word play, lots of riddles and jokes, lots of opportunities for kids to express their own cleverness. 


Each Gathering Placemat set includes FOUR placemats with:

    • 4-5 beautiful pieces of art
    • a hymn
    • a Bible verse
    • memory work
    • poetry
    • nursery rhymes
    • and MORE!!




  • GATHERING – the original

That’s 28 placemats to help you gets started with your morning time – Gathering – tradition!