Saxon Math 3 Morning Meeting Strip

The morning meeting is one of the most skipped components of Saxon Math, but it is integral to the student’s facility with basic math concepts.  These are the very math concepts being lost in this next generation – telling time on an analog clock, noticing patterns, simple calculations, how to count change.  In the later part of Saxon Math 3, a new meeting strip is introduced without any introduction at all.  And yet, it is lacking some of the basic elements of the morning meeting.

I put together a simple morning meeting strip for my Saxon Math 3 students.  It has all the elements of the meeting in one space.  This document includes 4 copies of my morning meeting strip.  I print it once, laminate it, and use wet-erase markers on it.  When math is finished for the day, we can simply rinse off the morning meeting strip and get ready for the next day.